High Heel Pump Shoes Course

Learn How To Make Shoes and Learn shoe making today

High Heel Pump Shoes Course

High heel pump shoes

High heel Pump shoes are one of the most popular footwear types, but to make beautiful pump shoes is a great challenge.  The main beauty of high heel pump shoes is a clean harmony of the top line together with the shoe last and heels. To make these perfect classic pump shoes you need to know, how to achieve this clean, beautiful look and make your high heel pump shoes like a true shoemaker.

In this High heel pump shoes course you will learn the entire shoe making process of pump shoes:

The rules of pump shoes design on the last in order to make a beautiful and  comfortable pump shoes

How to make a pattern of most elegant high heel pump shoes without any cut on the side

How to make fashionable high heel from scratch in most creative and professional way

How to to make shoe sole with welte

How to make the shoe sole finish with your personal signature

How to make the shoe socklining with unique and simple design

The course consists of 14 lessons with duration of 40-90 min. each.

All lessons are presented in live class format. They are verbally and visually explained and are easy to follow.

Lesson 1: High heel pump shoes: constructing of basic pattern- 001

Lesson 2: Check your pumps basic pattern-002

Lesson 3: Full pumps pattern construction: Upper /Lining /Stiffeners -003

Lesson 4: Change your high heel pattern to one cut pattern- pumps 004

Lesson 5: Alternative Ways of Lining Pattern Construction – pumps 005

Lesson 6: Assembling and Sewing of High Heel Pump Pattern – 006

Lesson 7: Lasting Pump Shoes – 007

Lesson 8: Pump shoes: correct the pattern and prepare the bottom- 008

Lesson 9: Pump shoes course: creating welted like outsole- 009

Lesson 10: High heel pump shoes course: Smart heel construction 010

Lesson 11: High heel pump shoes: Making fashionable high heel 011

Lesson 12: High heel pump shoes: Creative changes to upgrade your shoe design- 012

Lesson 13: High heel pump shoes: Best way to upgrade your outsole 013

Lesson 14:High heel pump shoes course: Your finished high heel pump shoes 014