August 22, 2014

How to make shoes like a pro, with less time as possible?


A couple of weeks ago I ask you to vote for an Oxford shoe model that we going to learn next. After few comments and many email responses, I’m here to announce style A as a winner. Although style B was in the race as well, obviously A was a favorite of many.

The first lesson of this course is already available online.

To tell you the truth I am very glad that this, one cut style Oxford shoes was chosen, as this shoe model will help you more in practicing shoe making and in less time! 

How to make shoes as a pro?

I will explain it in the minute, but before that, I wanted to focus on why we are learning how to make another oxford shoes?

I want you to become an expert, and to become an expert you must have a wide vision and understanding of your expertise, just like in any other profession.

For you to make one single model, one style of oxford shoes or any other will only teach you how to deal with this single piece and will limit you in the creation of other styles, models and types of footwear.

It is impossible to know all shoe models that exist, well it is possible but it will take you years to learn them. But if you will systemize them as I did, and I teach how to do so in my Footwear design course ” Knowledge-Technique-Freedom” you will be able to create a variety of shoe models and styles that are supported by technique. That is why in this course I will teach you a different and more difficult model that will take you a long way.



Why this shoe model important for your shoe making progress

This one cut model has a difficult pattern construction as you have to transfer this curved vamp line and create from it straight line pattern. We already handled curved vamp patterns when we made high boots, but here is a different story as we don’t know where we must rotate our pattern to create the straight line pattern. Usually, this process takes a lot of test and error to get this perfect one cut pattern.

I use to struggle with this kind of pattern for a long time, making this long process of creating and checking this one cut oxford pattern. But then I learned a quicker, smarter and more precise way how to do it from one of my teachers, mentors, and who I consider a man that taught me how to make shoes.



In this course, I will teach you a great technique to create this difficult pattern and the important thing is that you can implement this technique to create other shoe models like:

* Boots, high boots

* Moccasins

* Sandals

* and any other long vamp constructions.  

This is how by learning one technique you will get better and know more about other types of shoe constructions.

Do you want to learn the entire shoe map to navigate between styles and types of shoes? Sign up for my Footwear design course “Knowledge-Technique-Freedom”


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