Lining pattern in shoemaking

Lining pattern in shoemaking

lining pattern ready in hand

Lining pattern in shoemaking is one of the most important but underestimated shoe details. There are different approaches of lining pattern in shoemaking and it depends on the shoe type you want to make.

Most of shoemakers don’t pay attention too much to this inner details of the shoes, but they really should.

That’s why in each of  my shoemaking courses I make a full lesson ( 45- 60 min length) devoted just for lining pattern construction.

What is so important about lining pattern in shoe making?

First of all let’s understand why we have lining pattern in shoemaking and how it is connected with the upper.

Lining is an inner part of the shoes that your feet touch while wearing the footwear.

We must have the  lining pattern in shoemaking  to place the inner parts of the footwear (toe puffs and stiffeners) between upper and lining, so you won’t feel this reinforcements.

Upper together with the lining will better keep the shape of the footwear.

We attach lining to the upper in the final seam that closes the entire shoe.

And this moment in shoemaking is very important because to have beautiful and comfortable shoes:

1. Lining pattern in shoemaking must fit the upper pattern perfectly

If not, if it will be bigger or smaller than the upper.  You will have many problems during assembling of the upper and lining, during lasting and as a result your shoes won’t be comfortable or beautiful.

It happens in most cases with beginners in shoemaking. Usually they have lining pattern bigger than the upper.

As a strict rule lining pattern in shoemaking must be smaller than then the upper pattern.

The reason is, because of the thickness of upper leather, the lining pattern must be reduced to fit perfectly the upper leather.

2. Lining pattern must not contain any seams that may bother your feet

To prevent it you should know that you can’t divide your lining pattern, for example, in the area of the joints. 

It is the widest place on the feet and when it is executed wrong it can hurt the most.

That being said..

You should divide the lining pattern in two parts for sure when creating lining pattern. 

It must do operation in making of almost any footwear type, especially in the making of court shoes.

Now you want to know why, right?

How exactly do you do that?

All answers to these questions you will find in this shoe making tutorial that I prepared for you.

Watch this shoe making tutorial, share it and don’t forget to comment bellow, if you want to learn more about lining pattern construction.

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  • March 15, 2019

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