Practice and learn footwear design rules and you will get your freedom!



When you will practice designing those types of shoes and will understand how you can adjust each of them to the anatomical lines on the last, you will be able to combine characteristic from different types of shoes to create your own footwear designs.

Although we still haven’t  learned all types from the footwear map (see lesson 2), you can do it even now, because you already know enough to create your design. I showed in the lesson how to do it on example of mixing the t-strap pump design with “Chanel” shoes design, and here below more examples on how you can use your knowledge, which you gained in this lesson of footwear design course.

  1. To create this design, my knowledge of design  rules of “D’orsey”  shoes  and oxford shoes ( you will learn it in the next lesson) helped me .  When you know where is the critical points of D’orsey shoes and Oxford shoes you can design them correctly on the last, this tactic will get you faster to your goal and with less or non mistakes.

D'orsey--shoes--and-oxford shoes design combination

  1. In this example I combined characteristics of sandal design and “Dorsey” shoes design in one new footwear design. Knowledge of each of those shoe design rules give you freedom in your design and that is what you should aim for. Combining design rules will separate you from the crowd, learn them, understand them, master them.

sandal-design-and-Dorsey  shoes design combination

This footwear design lesson 


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  • April 10, 2014

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