January 29, 2019

Shoe Pattern Making Tutorial: Draw Beautiful Side Line for Pump Shoes

I already made many different shoe pattern making tutorials on how to draw beautiful throat line in court shoes.

And in today’s post I want to show you another shoe pattern making tutorial to draw beautiful side line in Pump shoes and in any other court footwear type.

The correct and beautiful side line is super important in the making of Pump shoes, especially in simple, clean pumps that don’t have any decorative elements.

The only decorative element in this pump shoes is the beautiful sideline and throat line. So that’s why to make beautiful pump shoes you should follow this shoe pattern making tutorial.

What is so special in this shoe pattern making tutorial?

To draw the topline of the footwear in pattern construction of court shoes you should follow the sideline. 

Usually, the topline of your future shoes will lay exactly on the side line that you got by connecting the back central line with the middle of the joint line.

This is how it works according to the rules of construction of all court footwear types and you should follow it, but sometimes you can change it a little bit.

There are different shoe last shapes and I always advise to observe well your shoe last to make shoe patterns that will emphasize the beauty that your shoe last has.

A good shoe maker and pattern maker must be very concern and smart regarding the shoe lasts that he works with to extract the best from these lasts.

 For example, the high heel pump last has very curved edge of the bottom, and to make beautiful sideline I advise you to follow this curved bottom line during drawing of the sideline. If you want to learn more pattern making techniques, you are welcome to visit this directory: "Shoe pattern and templates".

I explain how to do it in this shoe pattern making tutorial. Watch it, use it in your shoe making craft and don’t forget to share it!


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