October 24, 2018

7 Best Shoemaking Techniques for men’s Bespoke English Welted shoes (short Shoemaking Training)

I combined for you 7 best shoemaking techniques of making men’s bespoke English shoes.  Of course, there are much more shoe making steps that you need to know to make bespoke English Welted Brogue Oxford shoes, but these 7 are most important (the best) and outstanding shoemaking steps in the process that you must know. 

So in this short (20 min) shoemaking training, you will learn what are these 7 best shoemaking techniques for men’s bespoke English shoes.

This training is a part of my latest shoemaking course and you can see detail here

There are many different shoemaking approaches to making English welted shoes, but I prefer this process, where you don’t need to use any special shoemaking tools. 

I prefer these shoemaking methods because usually it is very difficult to source all needed shoemaking tools and most of them are very expensive. 

True old school process for making English Welted Brogue Oxford shoes. 

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  1. I like all u said,now what i’m wondering,are the tools expensive, i no good at drawing so will i learn pattern making,and how would i know which leather to use.

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