What is the right shoe last type to start making your shoes?

Perfect Shoe Last To Learn Shoemaking

Perfect Shoe Last To Learn ShoemakingTo learn shoemaking craft there are many obstacles that you, as a beginner in shoemaking, need to overcome, but this is how you learn and practice shoe making. The first thing you need to learn shoe making is to have a shoe last. Now, one of the main questions that most of […]

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  • December 10, 2018

Shoemaking Techniques: Shoe last

holding two shoe last for very important shoemaking process of last customization

Shoemaking Techniques to Change The Shape of Your Shoe LastShoemaking is an amazing craft that can allow you to make your own shoes with any shape, any design!   You can make a comfortable and at the same time beautiful footwear that will set you apart from the crowd. Making shoes that you love will emphasize your […]

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  • December 5, 2018

Stacked Heel: How To Make Heels


How To Make Heels and Heel Height Calculation How to make heels? In Shoemaking you have different ways and techniques to create heels, working with different materials,  and different techniques of construction. In this shoe making post I want to focus on one of the most common and accessible natural materials – leather and how to […]

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  • December 3, 2018

Shoe Last Types [What is a shoe last?]


Shoe last is used only in shoe making and the focus here is on professionally made shoes [ not diy or slippers].
Shoe last is the first “tool” that we are using in making our shoes and we will be using it through the entire process of making shoes.

We apply our footwear design to the lasts
We make our pattern with the last
We last our uppers on the last
We make our sole and heels on the last

What is a shoe last?

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  • November 28, 2018

How to Make Shoes: The Definitive Guide


How toMake ShoesThe Definitive Guide How to make shoes? If you plan to learn a craft of shoe making and to make your shoes, you must be wondering how shoes are made? Is it difficult to make shoes? Is shoe making for me?I know that because many years ago I use to ask myself the […]

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  • November 27, 2018

2 Lines In Shoe Making That You Should Know


2 Lines In Shoe Making That You Should KnowIn today’s shoe making  post I want to talk with you about two most important lines in shoe making that you should know, especially if you are a beginner in shoe making  I want to explain you why those lines are so important and how to find […]

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  • November 22, 2018

Why you can’t make shoes without knowing this


Why you can’t make shoes without knowing thisWhen you make shoes or plan to learn shoe making you should know that there are many small but very important pattern making and shoemaking details that you need to know. Sometimes many of them overlooked, although they will make your shoemaking experience easier and better. Let’s be honest, to […]

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  • November 21, 2018

3 Must Know Marks To Make Your Shoes

Make Your Shoes

3 Must Know Marks To Make Your ShoesTo make your shoes, obviously you must learn the craft, and there are many important shoemaking marks  that will help you a lot in pattern making.But there are 3 most important shoemaking marks that will guide you to make your own shoes the right way. You should know […]

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  • November 20, 2018