How to make the shoes that you want to make?


In shoemaking as in every other craft, you learn from the bottom. You start from the basic and you move on to gain more experience, more knowledge to get you to make the shoes that you want to make.    But how can you actually use shoemaking skills to create your shoes? From my experience basic […]

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Find the right shoemaking lesson


This week I updated the website and made some changes to enhance your experience on the website and make it easier to navigate to lessons and other resources. Part of already made solutions was suggested by members of this site. This is super important for me and for you as well. I don’t see or […]

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Clean shoemaking: Fix the folds on your heel

  In today’s post, I will discuss another annoying problem that makes your shoemaking experience less pleasant and much more difficult than it should be, and I will give you the solution to this shoemaking problem. Before I will go on to the problem and solution, few words of wisdom! 100% you will be able […]

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