Shoe Sock lining to Improve the Comfort

How Sock lining Can Improve the Comfort of Your Footwear?[Shoemaking tutorial]


How a sock lining can improve the comfort of your footwear?

A sock lining can improve the comfort of your footwear by changing just a little bit the design of your simple, “classic” sock lining.

Because the combination of the shoe pattern making knowledge and the design idea is great power it can change your perception about shoemaking, about the “world” of footwear in general!

This is the main concept of my approach in shoemaking and this is what I teach in my shoemaking courses online.

All small detail, part of your footwear may improve the entire look of your shoes or make it worth. It concerns absolutely everything in shoemaking: the parts of the upper and lining, how they connected with each other, the type of seams, the edge of the insole, the insole itself, etc.

I can talk endlessly about every specific detail of the footwear, and as a good example of how the shoe designing and shoe pattern making skills can influence on the beauty and comfort of your shoes, I chose to talk with you about sock lining.

Endless possible designs of the sock lining

Working with one simple pattern of your sock lining you can make endless possible shoe designs of the sock lining!

This is a simple pattern of the sock lining

pattern of sole with marks

Now, by changing the pattern of this sock lining to complete the entire design of the footwear you can improve the entire look of your shoes!

Let’s take few examples.

1.Sock lining from denim and patent leather

In my Fashionable flat ballet shoe course, I teach how to make flat ballet shoes working with different materials: denim and patent leather. If you plan to make shoes from denim or any other type of fabric you should know how to adapt your pattern for the specific qualities of the fabric.

So, as the sock lining, must be a part of the entire shoe design, I made a design of the sock lining that combines the same materials that the upper consists of denim and patent leather.

sock lining only 1

What is super important in this example of the shoe sock lining design is a smart combination of the denim and patent leather, meaning that you should take in your account the specific qualities of the materials you work with and the comfort.

Because of the varnished surface of the patent leather, it is better to use the patent leather in the shoe design of the sock lining only in the places where your feet will not touch it.

So, that’s why the possible shoe design of the sock lining to fit the entire designing of this flat ballet shoes from denim and patent is this one, where the patent element is around the edge of the sock lining and the denim element is in the middle.

-The denim surface will create a comfortable, soft feeling to the leather of your feet that will absorb the sweat as well.

-The surrounding strap of the patent emphasizes the presence of the sock lining and complete the entire design of the footwear.


2. The Shoe sock lining with a thin lace


In this shoe design of the sock lining, I beat the heel design element.  

The fact is that in the High heels pump shoe course I teach how to build leather stacked high heels working with two types of leather: the green one and the vegetable tanned leather.

As a result of this heel design, the heels have small green inlays that brake visually the big, thick high heel and visually reduce the dimension of it.


So this shoe sock lining design improves the entire design of the simple classic high heel pumps. The tiny green lace refreshes the pumps and emphasizes the importance of the green inlays of the heels!

Only from these two examples, you can understand, I think, that shoe pattern making knowledge plus design ideas can allow you to create whatever you want. In my full one-year shoemaking program I teach different shoe pattern making techniques, shoemaking techniques that give to all my student real freedom in their creation.

Now, we are getting close to the main theme of this blog post on how a shoe sock lining can improve the comfort of your footwear.

3. Comfortable shoe sock lining

Two previous examples showed you how shoe sock lining can improve, complete the design of your footwear, but at the same time, the sock lining can make your footwear more comfortable.

I think that this is one of the most important qualities you want that your shoes will have!

So, in this shoemaking post, I decided not only to demonstrate you your possible power in shoemaking but to give you a very useful and actionable tutorial on how you can improve the comfort of your footwear by making a comfortable shoe sock lining easy and fast.

I created for you shoe making tutorial with full step by step explanation and with a downloadable guide that I took from my online Oxford shoe course.

I tried to make it simple as always I do, to teach you shoemaking in a most efficient way.

Watch, download and leave a comment, if you want more tutorials like this one!

Download the shoemaking guide “How to make a comfortable sock lining easy and fast”

How to make a comfortable sock lining easy and fast

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  • May 2, 2019

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